Sunday, October 21, 2018

My Magic Circle for Right Handed Hookers

My Magic Circle 
for Right Handed Hookers
BY: James Lee Kelley

Start with the end of yarn on the left as shown in picture, wrap the yarn over the top of your three fingers and come back up under the bottom.

As shown in this picture

Now do a second wrap like the first.
Now you will bring the yarn over to back of hand and put the end towards your knuckles under your little finger.

As shown in this picture.
By doing two wraps instead of one, the chance of the circle coming undone after the piece is finished is greatly reduced.
Insert your hook as shown and draw up a loop from the skein end that you previously tucked under your little finger.
It will look like this.
Now you will shift the loops off of the index finger as shown in this picture.

To begin a SC round you will chain one now.
To begin a DC round as I am doing, you will chain 2.

Now proceed to do your DC stitches into the ring until you are ready to close the ring.
Once you have the correct number of DCs in the ring, pull the tail gently until you see which ring of the two is closing. Do NOT close the ring completely.

You will see one ring shrinking like pictured here.

Grab the littler of the two rings and tighten the other ring by pulling it.
Now pull the tail of yarn again and close the ring tightly.
As shown in this picture, the Magic Circle with two wraps is now closed.

Now slip stitch into your beginning stitch as the instructions or pattern stated.
You now have a completed two wrap Magic Circle and the first round of DC stitches  

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