Monday, November 7, 2016


By James Lee Kelley

I am now finished with my first color on this hat and am ready to join in my next color, as this picture shows.
I will now mark the yarn so I will know where my join needs to be so the color change will take place right where the arrow is pointing in this pic.
I use a China Marker Pencil as it wipes off and/or washes out nicely. I also use colored fabric marking pencils. I marked my yarn (it is a little hard to see in this pic however)
After marking the join spot, I undo two to three stitches. You can see the mark on the yarn better here after I have undone two stitches.
Now I am ready to begin doing the Russian Join. In this picture you will see how I entered the needle almost in the middle of my mark.
I am now showing the join almost completed in this pic. You can see the mark on the yarn and all I have to do is pull the ends and lock the join and trim the ends.

Now after doing a few stitches you can see how the color change join looks.
The best part is NO ENDS to weave in after completion.
After two rows the Color Change Join looks Nice and Clean to me, how about to you?